About Lawagents

We have been in this business for over 40 years now which enables us to offer experience, knowledge and guidance. In summary:

  • We can provide an efficient legal agency
  • We focus on a quality personal service
  • Our pricing is competitive

Our services ensure that we can offer what both large law firms and small practices in the suburbs need and the full range that we offer are done so with the personal touch.

Our reputation precedes us and we pride ourselves on all work being completed the day that it is received.

We offer a team of highly-trained staff who are competent in the settlement process as well as property procedures. Add to this the fact that they are experienced, efficient and friendly and you have a winning team at your disposal.

Settlements are important and we get that and we will keep you informed and follow instructions every step of the way.

Introducing the Team

Lawagents is committed to several charities and has been supporting these for many years. The charities range from the RSPCA; which saves thousands of animals each year from neglect and cruelty, to Surf Life Saving; which rescues on average 35 people per day from coastal drownings to Careflight; the Australia-based charity which provides aeromedical retrieval scheme. We look forward to continuing our support of such worthwhile causes.